A & A Working Equitation Series



2016 Working Equitation Show Series

Show I – April 9th & 10th, 2016 JUDGE: Jose MC Lopes
Show II – July 2nd & 3rd, 2016 JUDGE: Carlos Carneiro
Show III – November 5th & 6th, 2016 JUDGE: Amy Star

A & A Equestrian is pleased to present a series of three Working Equitation competitions in Santa Ynez, California. Working Equitation is an international sport which is gaining popularity in the United States. It tests the horse and rider in four areas: Working Dressage, Ease of Handling Over Obstacles, Speed Over Obstacles and Cattle Handling.

Offering Levels 1 through 4, these competitions are great for the novice horse and rider, as well as seasoned competitors looking for their next challenge. And, the best part is that you are permitted to compete in any gear you wish! English, Western, Spanish, Portuguese… All levels AND disciplines are welcomed!

These exciting competitions will feature a clinic and horse show as well as food, vendors, wine tasting and FUN! Get your entry in today or plan to watch. Spectators are welcome!

For prize list, entry forms and more please visit our home page.

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From The Ground UP!


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Poof! More great A & A footage!

Greetings fellow equestrians!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything new, but for today, I’ll let video speak louder than my words.  Check our our newest promotional video, courtesy of Trevor Fowler, a very talented videographer based in Austin, Texas.


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A & A Promo

Fun at A & A! Check it out!

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Upcoming Events!

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! Below is a list of upcoming events. Be sure to check our calendar at www.AAEquestrian.com for updates and details. RSVPs to Adrianna via email or at 805-734-7323.

March 2-3 – Utah Dressage for Everyone Clinic
March 7th – Vaccinations/Teeth
March 16th – Dressage for Everyone Clinic
April 13th – Sorting/Penning Clinic
April 20th – A & A Adventure – La Purisima Mission
May 11th – Dressage for Everyone Clinic
May 25th – Moonlight Trail Ride and Potluck
June 8th – Sorting/Penning Clinic
June 12 – 14 – Pony Lovers’ Camp
June 17 – 22 – Advanced Equestrian Camp

We hope to see you soon!

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Just how much fun can you have at A & A Equestrian?

A & A Equestrian FUN

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Father-Daughter Fun!

Agapito and Monet\'s Demonstration

Agapito and his daughter Monet recently performed at the Santa Ynez Valley Therapeutic Riding Center. They did a wonderful job! Thank you to SYVTRP for inviting us. :-) What a great program!

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Dontcha Dare – 9 year old Tennessee Walker Mare

Above is the video for a lovely gaited mare that we currently have in training.  ‘Pearl’ is a well-bred, correctly built Tennessee Walker Mare for sale. This stunning black mare stands at 15.3 hands. Enjoy this horse on the trail or take her to the show ring! Sweet disposition, always wanting to please. Easy keeper, barefoot. Clips, ties, trailers well, and goes out on the trail alone or in a group. Has been exposed to a myriad of sights and sounds, very easy going about everything. 15.3 hands, mare, black, 9 years old.

Asking Price $4000.00

More video to come!

Contact Adrianna Silvestri for more information or to set up an appointment to meet Pearl.  adrianna@aaequestrian.com

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I’m meeeellllting!

Today is hot.  Hot in the sun and in the shade, but we finished all the horses 30 minutes ago and now I can sit back and… well, do computer work.

Lovely lessons today with our working student and regular students.  Everybody worked up a sweat, which is always good.  In addition, they accomplished some really great things.  All of which had to do with quality of leg, rather than quantity.  As we learn to ride, there is certainly a physical curve in building the strength required to ride with good posture, effective legs and independent aids.  But, is it always ‘MORE’ that you need?

The answer, in short, is ‘No’.

Imagine that you are sitting on a large beach ball or a large exercise ball.  (Or try this if you have one).  Keeping the ball between your legs, stand up without dropping it.  Take note of the amount of leg you have applied to hold the ball.  Now, squeeze the ball as hard as possible with your legs.  What happened?  Probably it squirted out from between your legs.  Replace the ball.  Now let your legs go noodle-like.  What happens?  Ball drops, yes?  So, keeping the ball (or horse) between your legs requires just the right amount of leg.

Now, with the ball between your legs, try walking forward.  Again, are you squeezing constantly with both legs?  Probably not.  You would not be able to move very well.  Once you’ve mastered the walk, try a little ‘trot’.  Again, how much leg was required?  Or, more importantly, what TYPE of leg was required?

Your horses’ body, especially the rib cage, is like this ball.  The faster you want to move forward, the more active and allowing your leg needs to be.  So yes, you use your leg, but not in continuous, vice-grip fashion.  Try this and the last exercise I wrote about to teach you control of your leg.  Using your leg aids accurately will give you better, more precise results.  Good luck!

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Ponies a la playa!

That’s right… horses at the beach!  April 22nd, we took a group of friends and clients to Pismo Beach for an adventure at sea.

Well, mostly next to the sea, but you get the idea. ;-)   There weren’t too many sunny moments like this one.  Pismo was classically socked-in for most of the day, despite 90+ degree weather in all directions.  But that didn’t slow down our riders.  They rode up and down the dunes and along the water.  And we had excellent snacks at the trailer.  We’re looking forward to more excursions like this one!

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